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I’m the best rapper – Feffe Bussi

LUGAFLOW: At 23 years, Feffe Bussi is already making a mark on the hip hop scene. The lugaflow artiste talks to his fan Ivan Sserubiri about his experience in the industry so far and who has helped him get where he is.

Where did the name Feffe Bussi come from?
The name started a long time ago when I was a little boy. There are some words that children cannot pronounce and mine was fenne (jackfruit) so instead of saying fenne, I called it feffe and instead of mubisi (raw) I said bussi. That stuck as my nickname for long and so when I started doing music, I decided to use it as my stage name.

When did you decide that music was what you wanted to do?
That decision came when I was in my Senior Five. I knew that music was what I wanted to do but the dream was there since childhood. I used to mime GNL Zamba’s songs. That is what gave me the confidence that this was my thing.

Why music of all things?
Like I said, music has always been my dream but spending time with Bobi Wine and Nubian Lee for most of my childhood motivated me more to join the industry.

Why didn’t you become part of Firebase since you spent most of your time with Bobi?
Bobi Wine was someone that inspired me a lot but I always wanted to be a solo artiste. However, Firebase is like family to me.

How many songs do you have?
I have done many songs, including Kaako, Mbuuza Biliyo, Juliana , Nsekula featuring Sheebah , Ntondo, and my latest Yes No.
People refer to you as a dancehall artiste. Is that the style you do?
I do the urban version of Lugaflow. I am a rapper and I know I am the best in the game.

Which label do you belong to and why that label?
I am a solo artiste but I am affiliated to crews such as Team No Sleep, Firebase, Helicopter as well as Big Talent.

At 23, most youth are at university and you are in music. What really happened?
I studied but dropped out of campus in first year.

What is the song that made you who you are?
Personally, I think Nsekula with Sheebah. That is the song that made me who I am.

How did you feel working with Sheebah?
I felt privileged. Who wouldn’t want to work with such talent? She is the best artiste right now and I would do any song with her any day.

Besides music, what else do you do?
I only do music, nothing else but I enjoy reading books and novels and watching movies.

What is your best movie?
My best movie to date is John Q by Denzel Washington.

What would you be if you were not a musician?
If I was not a musician I think I would be a radio presenter.

How much are you paid to perform at gigs and how many gigs do you do in a week?
Every show is charged differently, depending on where it is and other factors so there is no fixed price that I charge. Music is like any business, there are times where shows flood on you and there are seasons where shows are few, for example when people are fasting. But normally in a week, I can have a minimum of three shows.
Biggest influence in music

Wiz Khalifa and this is because people tell me we look alike, have the same style and the same swag.

Tit Bits on Feffe Bussi…

I attended Nakulabye Junior School for my primary then moved to Cityland College Matugga for my O-Level. I later joined Nile High School Mukono where I completed my A-Level education.
Nsekula was initially a solo project but it had no video. So one time I happened to meet Jeff Kiwa who is Sheebah’s manager and surprisingly he knew the song. He told me we could do it again with Sheebah. At first, I thought it couldn’t happen because in my mind I thought he (Jeff) was going to ask for money for her to feature on my track. Surprisingly no one asked me for money, so we linked up with Sheebah and she was in love with the song. This made me happy and we hit the studio with producer Kayz and magic happened. Up to now, I am so grateful for what they did for me.

Unfortunately, my dad passed away when I was in Senior Three but my mum has been understanding and she has been supportive since day one. I also don’t know how it happened, so it’s by God’s power that she accepted it.

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