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Hustler: Elijah Baguma and Bersh Katorobo

Dreaming big: For many, finishing a Mass Communication degree means looking for a job in a big media house. Elijah Baguma and Bersh Katorobo chose a different path, opening up a photo studio. Now they are living a dream

What is the name of your studio?
Studio Impressions 256. We offer photography and videography services for events, film and Music.

How did you start this business?
We rented a small place in Mukono Town and acquired a few equipment to work with.

What inspired you?
We both had excellent skills in photography and videography, so immediately after campus, we opted to start our own business.

What was your initial capital?
We had Shs1.5m, which we used to purchase a Canon printer, office furniture and we also cleared some rent arrears. While at campus, we had our own cameras, so we were good to go.

On average, how much are you earning now?
About Shs1m per month each.

What packages do you provide to your clients?
We do photography for both studio and events. We also do films and our packages are pocket-friendly.

What advice do you have for someone who wants to start up a similar business?
You need the skills, right equipment and learn the dynamics of the craft. Above all, you need to respect the needs of your clients because it is one of the essentials that determine growth of a business.

What challenges have you faced so far?
The biggest challenge that we have faced is purchasing the latest equipment. It is very expensive.

Where is your business located?
We are located in Mukono town, but we also use our social media platforms for bookings. You can find and like Studio Impressions 256.

How different is your photography from others?
Our style is exquisite and unique, from the creativity in shots, to lighting, posing, set designing, location, scouting, editing and picture quality, we do it in a very professional way contrary to ordinary photographers.

Any achievements you have obtained from the business?
Our business has given us exposure through countrywide travels and we have also gotten a chance of being exposed on different media platforms. We have also been able to get a good source of income that has enabled us sustain our lives.


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