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Fashion tip: The head wrap:

The head wrap: The weather is terrible and the January financial crisis should not be reason for you to carry a lousy head. The heat will get you fed up of those braids and that weave within weeks, but if your pockets are not smiling enough, the head wrap is here to bail you out.
With the hustle of January upon us, it is very unlikely that you won’t experience bad hair days once in a while.
And there is only one trusted accessory to save the day; a head wrap. To pull off this look, all you need is a good guide on the different styles you can explore with your wrap and colourful scarves.
When it comes to matching it with your outfits, this look can be achieved on literally any ensemble. Whether it is a dungaree and tee look or a floor length gown, there is a head wrap style to choose from.
Your main focus should be on having a variety of scarves; coloured, printed, or even in neutral shades to complete your head wrap look.
For a proper guide on how to pull off the most enviable head wrap look, you can begin by scouting all over Instagram, and possibly follow fashion bloggers and naturalists pages for the latest styles.
So now there is no excuse for you to show up to work looking like you woke up on the farm!

How to wear
• Try to find bright colours because you want your head wrap to stand out.
• Head wraps are not only for a bad hair day, but can also work when you want to add a twist to your braids or curly piece.

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