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The acute angle: Cranes, we still believe in you

Can you imagine that we lost to those Azonto dancers? Ghana, of all countries should not be the one beating us. We have a good record against them and it showed in our performance, later in the second half. They knew we wouldn’t be a push over and they were probably scared. I understand Ugandans are very hospitable but there is no need to be charitable as well. This Isinde man decided that he was going to give away souvenirs on the first day. Like dude, you have worked your way to AFCON, so why give away pricey items so cheaply? If you give something away so cheaply, moreover to a West African, you get punished. They will smile before robbing you clean. They have no gratitude. This is no time to be wrapping gifts. That penalty was unnecessary and it buried us. Isinde, we see you. No more costly errors.
I love the Cranes. Yeah, I know supporting the Cranes is like booking your place early at the heart Institute but what the hell, we have a bunch of Arsenal fans who have been supporting their team through heart attacks but are still here. The Uganda Cranes fought hard to be in Gabon and deserve all our support. The Cranes need to realise this too. That they deserve a place to be at the table of men. They looked timid in the beginning against Ghana but grew in confidence as the game wore on.

But Ugandans, why don’t you believe in yourselves? I am compelled to think that this is a Ugandan complex. Big stages tend to scare us. We were made for the big occasion. It is high time we started embracing such situations. Micho should let these boys know that we brought ourselves there and deserve to be counted. The Egyptians and Malians will be chicken feed if we believe we can.

A country united is a country undefeated. The support from the general public has been phenomenal. That move of wearing jerseys to work was epic. It is amazing what people can do when they stick together. Micho should keep the boys together. The fans who have kept up the spirit of support even in Kampala are the real MVPs. Let the boys feel that we are behind them (not literally of course hehe) Pray for the boys. Ugandans can be wonderful people when they are not bickering over petty issues. Football and sport is where the love lies. Government should invest heavily there.

I see Joseph Ochaya swinging in those crosses for Shaban to tap in for a goal. This is with full hope that Geoffrey Massa is locked up in a museum with the keys thrown very far away. Otherwise all hope is not lost. Tulumbeeeee! Also, make sure that your security is guaranteed at whichever spot you are catching the games.

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