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The video: Masala – Naira Ali

Save the best for last, in times when the tide swings out of favour, one finds comfort in these. They can savour their best, and this like good food, will be sweet to the tongue, a wonder to behold. There is no better video that could have crowned the year than Masala. It is a dazzling visual gem, especially that finely decorated market scene that marks its start. How did they even think of this combination of the African print costume and the colourful organic fruits and vegetables? Then we are led to the forest scenes, those bubbly dresses, those jaunting dances-all too good to be true. And not to lose you, two good comedians, Madrat and Chiko play the roles of adversaries of love. To paraphrase Shakespeare: “an awesome video not watched gets interred with the ending year.” This is not a video to be watched, it is a video to be eaten and savoured. It is a perfect masala.

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