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The video: Kano Koze – Winnie Nwagi

It’s slightly over a month when the Kano Koze was released and it has more than 220,000 views. That is rare for a Ugandan video. But it certainly deserves even more. Although I feel it borrows from Flavour’s 2013 Ada Ada video, it still manages to adapt the borrowed concept to match the Ugandan concept. I certainly think it is the signature video for a Ugandan traditional video. The video starts off with those early morning pre-wedding preparations, it takes care of the minor details, managing to show us that rip in her wedding dress and the disappointed look to match it. All the way to the end, it keeps you entertained, you don’t wish for it to end. You will be blown away by the dances, how they are so modernistic in execution. This video has carved out its space in 2017, it will take much effort to challenge it.

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