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The video: Emotoka – Lil Pazo


The smell of fuel, the pleasures of driving, and the satisfaction derived from this iris of arrivalism. Lil Pazo in this video manages to address a concept so holy, so dear, at a timely moment, the concept of buying a car. In this video, Lil Pazo makes a case for why every human being ought to buy and drive a car before they die. The video is more comical than artistic, featuring a hard-beaten car to drive home the point that all that matters is having a car, not the type or the newness. The starting scenes get you hinged, the squeaks from a car struggling to start, the cursing and disappointed look pinned on his face all make it a video that will crack you. And if you are reading this while still walking to work, this video is the inspiration you need. There is a certainty, that by the time one is done watching it, they will be at a car bond.

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