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The dvd : The Trust

Two cops; Sergeant David (Elijah Wood) and his boss Lieutenant Jim (Nicolas Cage) are evidently bored with their jobs in the evidence department. As he is going about his work, Jim discovers that one of the cases they have worked on involves a drug dealer who has access to a lot of money. He interests David and the two decide to look into his source of cash and where it is kept. It looks like a much needed spark in their work.
Jim even uses his leave days to get a casual job at the same hotel as the drug dealer so that he can learn how the dealer’s business operates. After establishing where the dealer keeps his valuables, the two cops come up with a plan on how to get into the safe.
When they do, Jim suggests that they steal the items but David refuses and during a gunfight, David shoots Jim dead. He then leaves the scene with a female hostage that he thinks just happened to be at the wrong place at the wrong time. Unknown to him, she is a member of the gang. In refusing to steal the valuables from the dealer, David was trying to be a good cop but will that save him? Will he walk away from this alive? This movie is not captivating enough — the actors did not do a good job.

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