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No money flew at Arab Money


Photos by Eddie Chicco

The 2016 edition of the Arab Money parties was held over the weekend had lots of glamour and glitz. Running under the theme, “All Gold Everything”, The Square, situated in Industrial Area was covered with golden decor that reflected the Arab traditional designs and artifacts.

Through the years that Arab Money has had its annual event, it is known as the one where Kampala’s top socialites, celebrities and Ugandans returning from abroad for the festive season usually converge to demonstrate their showmanship.

By 8pm, the rooftop at the Square was gleaming as Silver Back, the official DJ at the event entertained revellers.
Guests who were dressed in gold started flowing in occupying all VIP sections to emphasise their sense of class.

At around 12:30am, the host, Sue O’chola De Roy arrived in the company of fellow socialite Judith Heard alongside other socialites all donned in gold and first took to a photo session. They later entered the space and this was followed by performances from international belly dancer Tina Kapp.

Ugandan musicians like Dr. Jose Chameleon, the Goodlyfe boys and Navio graced the event.
However, though most Arab money parties have seen people from abroad splashing money, this particular one didn’t see any money floating around, not even a Ugandan note made its way into the air.


This made some revellers question the financial status of the Ugandans abroad popularly known as the “basummer”.

“All the Arab Money parties have seen money rain, but this one not even a coin has been given out, what is wrong with our basummer?” one of the revellers was heard complaining.

The event however went on up to wee hours of the morning with exciting performances from MS Banks and Navio.

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