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SK Mbuga taken to school at his own function


Prior to his weeding, Mbuga told Sqoop magazine that his wedding ceremony would cost Shs3b. He promised open bars and all at his week-long busikis, but on Tuesday during his Kasiki at Guvnor, the tycoon was given a free spending tutorial.
As the main man, Mbuga made his way to the night spot past midnight with his best man and other guests and as is the norm for loaded ‘socialites’, money was thrown around. The audience was excited in the beginning as they saw dollars flying.
Sadly, the guy was splashing $5 (Shs17,500). The disappointment! There was however one guy who is famed to steal other people’s shows when it comes to splashing dimes and that is none other than Jack Pemba. When he arrived, Pemba pulled out bundles of cash and started throwing it around. The crowd was skeptic until they saw someone with a $100 note.
On noticing that his show had been stolen, Mbuga stepped into the DJ box to nurse his sorrows. But when will this money splashing thingy reach us?

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