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Sheikh Muzaata lands daughter in Pemba’s trap


Shiekh Muzaata is known to be a frank guy and in most cases, his tongue has got him into trouble.
Last week, when the sheikh was called to give a speech at SK Mbuga’s introduction ceremony, Muzaata saw this as a chance to sell his daughter to some rich man. He first told the audience that he is tired of his Prado car because it is hot, and that Mbuga and others should solicit money to get him another car. Noticing that his words did not get the intended attention, he called on his daughter and told guests that she was single but no poor man should even try to get involved with her. When he asked if there was any financially stable man in the crowd, Pemba stood up, pulled out dollars from his jacket and started showering the daughter before taking the microphone from Muzaata. “Young lady, your problems are over. I’m going to get your number and you are going to say bye bye to poverty,” Pemba said before shaking Muzaata’s hands and giving his daughter a hug and walking off. Muzaata was left speechless!

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