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Rich Gang bring the house down during their party

dsc_0687Last year, the ‘Made of money party’ at Liquid Silk held by the Rich Gang did not go as planned. There was not as much drinking as people had hoped for, or snacks. More importantly, no money was thrown around by the rich ba summer. This angered many people (trust Ugandans whose love for free things is legendary).

dsc_0690So this time, the group headed by Ivan Semwanga decided to change venue to Guvnor and pretty much what was promised last Tuesday was fulfilled during the party.

dsc_1077Guvnor has three bars and all of them started giving out drinks for free from 8pm. Ivan had confirmed that the open bar would start at that time. Everything was served for free apart from whiskies and other hard liquor. Snacks were served to people at 10pm and by 11pm, the club was full.

dsc_1298-1Ivan, Cheune and Prince MJ along with others came to the club at 1am. They headed straight to their booth. A few minutes later they got up and danced. Some of their friends couldn’t wait as they started dishing out 50k notes to the deejays, forcing Ivan to also start throwing some money.

dsc_0990-1They did this for about 30 minutes and then it was announced that performances were next on the lineup.

By the time it clocked 4am, people were still drinking and exit was by choice.

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