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MTV Base releases the list of the top 10 Ugandan Hip Hop artistes




According to Gloria Haguma, a fashion and pop culture expert in Uganda, Hip Hop artistes not doing just music; they are also into fashion brands. She also said that hip hop and rap are thriving in the country. At least that is what she told MTV Base officials when they contacted her for a comment about Ugandan Hip Hop before they made a list of what they believe are the top 10 Ugandan artistes.


“Hip Hop is the most consistent genre in Uganda. The genre has been getting more appreciation and recognition from the consumers, which has been a great boost to the industry. The artistes have gone from just doing music, to starting fashion brands, e.g, Rapaholix, Ziva Muntuuyo, I’m So UG etc. building brands, to using their status to help their communities. Also, hip hop is the only genre that has an award show that is 100 per cent dedicated to the genre,” she said.



With that put into consideration, a committee was tasked to choose the best and their list comprised  some musicians we think have had an impact to the game, while other names are really a disappointment and should have been replaced.

The list is as follows.

2.The Myth
6.Flex Dpaper
8.St Nellysade
10.Pryce Teeba

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