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I was bribed for Ofwono Opondo underwear story – Simon Kasyate


On Tuesday, veteran journalist Simon Kasyate was in the confession box, and he came clean about an event that happened 11 years ago – the infamous story of Ofwono Opondo stealing underwear at Garden City Mall.
Speaking at the media edition of Meet the Boss at Biryani House, Kasyate said when he broke the story in the Daily Monitor newspaper in 2005, he was called by someone he preferred not to mention. The person was offering him Shs50m to kill the Ofwono Opondo story.
“I was a broke journalist who had never seen Shs1m and I did not know when I would own such a huge sum of money,” Kasyate said. He was excited about the big sum of money but surprisingly he refused to take the bribe.
He was then apparently sued for Shs100m but won the case. Simon Kasyate was chosen as the boss of this Meet The Boss edition because of his role in the media.

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