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Has Radio found the Lord?

If you have been keen lately, you might have noticed that Moze Radio is behaving different. He is not the kind of person he was back then; talkative, abusive and angry. Lately, the singer is so reserved, friendly and less outgoing. This forced us to do a little bit of digging and the information we scooped will make your jaws drop.
We have reliably been informed that Radio has started reading the Bible and quoting scriptures i.e He is now Born Again. The artiste now moves with a Bible and he cannot finish his sentences without saying the name Jesus. We also hear that the Neera singer has a 12-track gospel album already produced at Swangz Avenue and it is only awaiting release.
Apparently the decision to get saved started about five to six months ago and cutting off his hair was among the transition plan. Good for you Radio.

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