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Empress dismisses Nutty Neithan-Fille relationship rumor


Nutty Neithan with Empress

Following the the rumour that Fille is now dating Nutty Neithan after her ‘break up’ with Kats, we couldn’t just let it pass and unlike other people, we were able to get a word from Nutty Neithan’s girlfriend Empress who clearly stated that she doesn’t know where the rumors came from.

“I don’t know who started that rumor and neither am I the one behind the whatsapp message that has been doing rounds regarding my relationship with Nutty Neithan,” She said. Empress who is also an artiste was responding to the whatsapp messages that were circulated two days ago claiming she had had a chat with someone over her relationship. The messages made it look like Empress was explaining to someone that she knew about Nutty’s relationship with Fille but already forgave him.


Nutty Neithan with Fille at a recent show

The rumor of Fille and Nutty Neithan dating was sparked off after their song together titled What did you do.

Empress and Nutty Neithan have a son together. Fille has a daughter with Kats who had until recently been managing her when they broke up. The breakup even resulted into the cancelation of her maiden concert.

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