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Bad black arrested over failure to pay maid Shs2 million



Bad Black is not having it easy. First she was arrested and jailed for embezzling Shs11 billion from Daveshan Company She was later released and came out to the surprise of many, looking many shades lighter. Recently however she complained that she wanted her dark skin back. And now, the latest is that she found herself having to spend some hours in prison cells yesterday.

Bad Black was last evening arrested at Abaita Ababiri Police post along Entebbe Road for failure to pay her son’s nanny Shs2million in salary arrears. She was however released at about 9:30pm after paying the nanny. Police however restricted journalists access to Bad Black after she allegedly paid them off to avoid the press from taking her pictures, when she was leaving the police post. Police shut down power at the post, and had officers and crime preventers distract press as Bad Black made her way out.


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