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An artiste has to be real – A Pass


TALKING MUSIC: He is one of those artistes who are active on social media, and if he is not advising young people, he is stirring up some controversy. He is a big believer in himself and says he is his number one fan. A Pass caught up with his fans Haward Tumuhaise and Seth Niwamanya.

When did you start doing music?
My musical journey dates back to 2003 when I was in S.1.

Which one of your songs would you say is the best?
I have many good songs and I find it difficult to choose the best, but I would consider Life to be at the top because it talks about life in general. It has not yet been released, though.

What drives you?
I am addicted to singing and writing.

What do you love doing?
I love playing football, watching movies and listening to nice music.

Why A-Pass for a stage name?
Back in high school, I had a friend called Passy who used to look after me and when he finished school, other students passed the name to me so I decided to shorten it to Pass and the A comes from my real name Alexander Begonza.

Who would you say is your mentor?
Bashir Lukyamuzi of Badi Films. He resurrected the artiste in me when I had given up and he has always been there for me.

What are some your hits?
They are very many, but they include Am Loving, Tuli Kubigele, Give Me A Kiss, Gamululu, Wuuyo, Nyenya Omugongo, among others.

Were you born in a musical family?
Surprisingly, I am the only one doing music out of the six children. Even my parents Mr and Mrs Mutabazi were not musicians.

What is A Pass up to lately?
I am doing my music just like always, working hard as always but most of what I have done this year will be seen next year. It is going to be very different for my fans and music critiques.

Your Marianna song is really different from the A Pass we know. What is the story behind it?
It is a song about a good girl who had everything nice but she went in for an iPhone, men and material things and in the process got HIV and now she is depressed and has resorted to drinking and smoking. So her life is messed up and doesn’t want to mess up other people’s lives and in doing this she opens up about her HIV status.

And the Flavia rumours? Do you really have a thing for her?
Not really. It was just a post posing a question but people took it the other way so we just left it at that. But A Pass has a girlfriend.

You have made a name. You have hits. Don’t you think it’s time you held a concert?
True. But a concert will probably be next year because we are already planning some big stuff, so let’s pray and see this work out.

What are your New Year’s resolutions?
To be better. I am working on more good music, good videos and putting them on TV. I want to keep offering a service to people, a service that they will love.

Do you still write songs for other artistes?
I still do. I write for many artistes, although I cannot just put them out there. I am however expensive and whether I get the credit or not, it is all good.

Do you have shares in Badi music?
No I don’t. I am an artiste at Badi music. I work with the whole team who are my friends. We started this thing together, so it’s just a team, there is nothing like shares. There is only respect and work, which keeps us together.
A Pass talks school & music…

I went to Nakasero Primary School, Maryland Secondary School, St. Lawrence and then did IT at Makerere University for a year, then left the course to pursue my musical dream. I was just wasting time. Instead of writing notes in the lecture room, I was writing songs.

First of all, it is having the right way to push your message to the people and the people receive it the right way. Then, is it authentic? Does it sound real? An artiste should be believed because the work should have that authenticity and realness in it. If it lacks realness, your art as a musician is lacking.

This year, there are so many artistes who have been good and each artiste deserves to be on my list. First is A Pass because I am my biggest fan then Bebe Cool, Sheebah, Ykee Benda and the rest fall in fifth place.

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