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The disc: Nkwatako – Sheebah

Apparently, you cannot mention the top three artistes in Uganda without the name Sheebah popping up. Yes, that is how much influence this girl has in the industry now, thanks to her chart-topping hits. As she prepares for her maiden album launch tonight, you will be surprised to learn that all the songs on the Nkwatako album are what we are dancing and singing to right now; ‘Goodbye’, ‘Farmer’, ‘Akuse’, ‘Wadawa’, ‘Tonzoleya’, ‘Wantama’, ‘I’m in love’, ‘Kisasi kimu’ – which is also her best because it is a reflection of her life and because it earned her a nomination in the MAMAS, and of course Nkwatako, the album title track. All the songs on this album were released as singles and each song has a story behind it. If Sheebah keeps up her pace, 2017 will be another good year for her.

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