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Pemba’s TV dreams could have died


Socialite Jack Pemba at the beginning of the year promised whoever cared and wished him well that he would open up a TV station. When he was asked to confirm when this would happen, the socialite said November. It is mid-November and we haven’t heard anything. While at the Kool and the Gang concert last week at Kololo Airstrip, one of Pemba’s disciples (the people he moves with) whose name we shall withhold, asked him how far he had gone with the TV business, but Pemba pretended that he did not know what his disciple was talking about.
For those that do not know Jack Pemba, he is the brains behind Pemba Sports Africa. He is that guy who drives cars personalised with JP plates and mentions President Museveni in all his interviews even when they are not political. I guess it is true what they say, talk is cheap!

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