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Kanye West hospitalized after cancelling show

If there is one artiste full of controversy, it is Kanye West. One time he’s bashing Taylor Swift for not deserving an award straight from the stage, the next minute he’s announcing that he’s going to stand for president in 2020.
On Sunday, he was yet again involved in another incident in Los Angeles after cancelling a show.

The Through the Wire artiste it is said, stepped off stage immediately he had arrived and instead of singing, used the little time to criticise Jay Z and Beyonce, claiming that the former Destiny’s Child musician refused to perform at the Video Music Awards this year unless she was handed the top award, while her husband (Jay Z) has threatened to kill him.
Kanye West was later “handcuffed and hospitalised” for ‘psychiatric evaluation’ following a disturbance call made to emergency services.

It has been reported that Kanye is now at UCLA Medical Center where he will undergo psychiatric. It is also reported that he was resistant to go to hospital but was persuaded to go by his management and law enforcement.

It is also thought that there was no criminal activity involved in the decision to hospitalise Kanye but that it was purely for his own health and safety.

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