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Connie Tiffs

Connie’s tiffs: Can’t wait for the SK Mbugas of this world to grow a pair

So SK Mbuga released a recording on Facebook last week accusing some officials at URA of asking for a bribe to clear his two recently-imported cars. The cars; a Ferrari and a Rolls Royce were bought in preparation for his upcoming wedding.
The recording which was posted on his Facebook wall was captioned “Very Stressing”. The caption read: “unpaid for drama”. Flanked by his tu side cheerleaders, Mbuga threw a rant of a lifetime. Dude went on and on and even threatened to take the matters to the President if his plight remained unattended to. Ahem!
Naye some chaps! Okay, we all know that during the elections he had the opportunity of shaking hands with the President, but again throwing that line around is oba too stale a threat! Mbuga even promised to be at the URA offices the next day with the media to unveil the filth at the organisation.
You see these are the woes of having some money but remain super “local”, Jeez!
But well, guess what? URA indeed put the dude and his empty threats in his rightful place by releasing a statement on the same platform. Apparently Mbuga was trying to dodge the additional taxes on an old model car. They highlighted his outstanding tax bills. Bottom line, he was asked to show up at the URA offices to defend himself and help with investigations as regards all the above.
Now guess who was eating humble pie? Guess who looked a fool deleting the recording with apologies? Guess who had to show up without the media? Guess who ate their threats of involving the President? Now, first excuse me while I laugh out loud.
Some of these guys can want to get excited over nothing and think that social media platforms should be exploited. Did Mbuga really think that he could take down an entire organisation with false accusations? And then he had the audacity to say he was misled by some officials hence the rant. Why didn’t he first clarify this whole situation before launching a fight? Should we further assume that he did not know he had evaded taxes worth more than Shs100m that he had to go all blue because he could not secure his 2011 Ferrari and Rolls Royce ahead of his wedding? Talk of trying to feel so important!
Banaye, the day these local chaps with some little money realise that they do not have to flaunt it at any given opportunity just to end up looking like lost sheep in the end will be the day that we shall all be freed from such nonsense each time they have to unnecessarily yap about petty stuff. eeish!

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