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The track – Sente: Bebe Cool

Money is one of the wheels that move the world today, lack of it keeps one stagnant. If you don’t agree, Bebe Cool puts it better in his latest track, Sente, which means money. This jam has an acoustic and drum base that tickles one to the dance floor. Bebe starts off in French asking listeners to pay attention. He sings of how many have tried finding love using money. He warns of how it may lead to a bad relationship. Next is the chorus where he tells listeners to invest their money where they see returns rather than wasting it hopping from lady to lady. On the second verse he gives an example of one Mr Okello who testifies to investing elsewhere that has given him not only a happy life but also a beautiful relationship. The highlights of this song are the diversity in language with English, French, Kiswahili plus Luganda and the danceable vibe.

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