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Ziza Bafana’s greed makes him perform before show starts


Dancehall singer Ziza Bafana must be one of the hottest items on the music scene right now. It is without question as he keeps getting booked for performances all over the country. The only problem is that ever since the singer fired his manager, only identified as Roger and hired Bread Kenneth, a former Team No Sleep member, things do not seem to be going well.
Just last week, we reported a case where Bafana turned up late for an event in Mbale and revellers got rowdy. The same happened last week at the Mirinda Comedy in Mbarara where Bafana was one of the artistes contracted to perform.
Unknown to organisers, the Akalulu singer had booked himself another show in Kasese the same evening. Bafana told the organisers in Mbarara that he would perform at 9pm.
Just when everyone thought it was a joke, the singer sent his advance team to tell the organisers he was ready to sing and leave for Kasese. And indeed while the organisers were still playing dress up in their hotels, Bafana was on stage.
At about midnight as revellers were gearing up to watch Bafana, dude was on social media posting pictures of his performance in Kasese.

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