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Queen of katwe is not an ‘underdog’ movie- Ugandan actors


According to some international journalists, ‘Queen of katwe’ is referred to as an ‘underdog’ with the following reasons. It is from Africa which is an underdog in the world. It is from Uganda which is an underdog in Africa. It is from Katwe which is an underdog in Uganda and about a girl which is being underdog in katwe compared to being a boy. But with all that said, the movie summarizes the entire story about Uganda.

The official Ugandan premier happened last Saturday at century cinemax on acacia mall with some of the cast, press, as well as other dignitaries in attendance.

The invite only event had guests like KCCA director Jenifer Musisi, her majesty the queen of Buganda Sylvia Naginda, Maurice Kirya and Sheeba Karungi (part of the cast) among others.


Maurice Kirya’s role in the movie was a boda boda guy who is involved in a relationship with Lupita Nyongo’s eldest daughter and sister to Phionah Mukasa. Though his role is something to pay little attention too, the ‘Mwoyo’ artiste well executes it especially the scene where he verbally exchanges words with Lupita. This could be attributed to the fact that he has appeared in other movies like The last king of Scotland, Live Joseph, The painter and Sins of the parents while Sheeba Karungi, a female Uganda musician famed for songs like ‘Wantama’, ‘Go down low’, ‘kisasi kimu’ and ‘wadawa’ among others made her first cameo as an actress in this particular movie. She played as a hair stylist and one of the lines she promised to giver Madina (Phiona Mutesi) free hairstyling whenever she wins chess championship.


When asked how she felt featuring in this particular movie, the artiste said that maybe it is her breakthrough in her acting career. “It was really an honor for me to feature in this film. Even though I was just an extra, it was really worth it. I was nervous because I had never played any role in any movie and I pray that this movie opens up doors for me in acting,” She said.

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