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Kalangala MP buys underwear at 80k


What started as a joke at Banga landing site in Bujumba Constituency turned out to be a revelation of how Bujumba county MP Julius Mukasa Opondo dresses.

The MP recently visited the landing site to unveil his new constituency ambulance van that he bought to help in transportation on Bugala Island. During his speech, he boasted of how his dresscode had changed, now that he was MP from putting on cheap clothes to buying suits in Dubai at a cost of more than Shs400,000, and shirts, ties and shoes from also the best shops in Kampala.

After he had boasted of his gains, a resident only known as Richard who had just taken several sachets of waragi asked the MP why he doesn’t put on underwear since he did not mention them while explaining what he puts on and how much he buys the clothes.

“It is now clear ‘omubaka’ (the MP) doesn’t put on pants. He has told us about his other attire but he never mentioned underwear.”

This didn’t go well with the MP who immediately left the landing site to another (Kasekulo landing site) where he continued with his speech on the ambulance and his new expensive clothes.

This time the MP was clear to mention that he bought his underwear at Shs80,000 which forced the residents there to ask the MP to donate more to the area since he has a lot money to spend on useless items.

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