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Iryn roughed up by police


The problem with taking long to release music is that your fans forget about you and it gets worse if you return with a new look. This is what happened to singer Iryn Namubiru last Friday during singer Gravity Omutujju’s concert at Freedom City.

Iryn’s nightmare was sparked off by kifeesi goons who disrupted the show when they wanted to beat up Gravity Omutujju. This forced the police to act by chasing away everyone who was near the singer and unfortunately, it so happened that Iryn was near the singer because she was preparing to get on stage.

Just when she expected the police to help and save her from the goons, they instead manhandled and whisked her away. This forced the singer to demand an apology from Gravity and his management because she was embarrassed in front of her fans.

Considering the Birowozo singer will hold a concert in December. Does that mean she needs to send some posters to CPS and police headquarters? Pole Iryn!

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