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DJ Shiru to unveil a new DJ



The DJ Industry in Uganda is growing faster than any other industry right now. Today, DJs are respected as they are invited to play at events rather than back then when they used to come with artistes and play music for them as they performed on stage. Besides DJ duo Roja and Slick Stuart who have TV and radio gigs, other DJs such as Shiru, DJ Mark, Selector Jay and DJ Baby Love have got jobs on TV, something that never happened before. So being a DJ is actually now a big deal.
Well, news reaching us is that Shafik Ramadan aka DJ Fikie, who is probably new in the game but is struggling to make it among the list of known DJs in the Industry, is set for unveiling by veteran DJ Shiru. DJ Fikie will be unveiled in an event slated to take place at Laftaz Swimming Pool on November 10.

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