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Dickson Okello thumped in Gulu


He might be the self-proclaimed James Bond of Uganda, but Dickson Okello should have known better when he visited Gulu. During the Purple Party regional tour in Gulu last weekend, the security man was bombarded by a young man who thumped him to the extent that he ran for help to a near-by military camp. According to an eyewitness, Okello had stopped a bunch of guys from accessing the venue because they had refused to line up. When he pushed them away, one of the guys took matters in his own hands – literally.

“Okello was embarrassed because the chap who beat him up is not even 20 years old. Those who know Okello know that he is a tough guy, going by the threats and warnings he’s always issuing at events in Kampala,” our source reported.
He also added that instead of fighting back, he decided to run to a nearby military camp and get a number of soldiers to come and act on his behalf. The boy who beat him up was arrested and told to apologise. Hehehe… Case of David vs Goliath, right?

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