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Denzel beaten by Kifeesi at KCCA carnival


The famous notorious Kifeesi group has been silent for a while, but they officially reported back to work last Sunday during the city carnival.
They started work during day and hit a peak in the wee hours of the night when the security personnel were tired. When King Saha was on stage performing, fans jumped to perform with the crowd but little did the singer know that all were not his fans.
And indeed before he knew it, his chains, watch, sun-glasses and wallet were gone!
Former Big Brother rep and TV personality, Denzel, also fell prey of the Kifeesi crew. Denzel, who did not have an access pass to the Bell Lager tent, was bounced by security. Since he was in the company of an unidentified girl, they decided to leave the venue and go back home. However, as they were slopping to Oasis Mall, the two were surrounded by a group of kifeesi boys, who beat them up. When Denzel found a way of disappearing, he ran away and left the girl in kifeesi’s arms, only to return when the guys had disappeared. The girl was seriously beaten and the thugs made away with her two phones and money while Denzel only got a slap on the face. Some dudes aint loyal walayi!

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