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Comedian Idringi not brain behind Salvado’s Pizza


Do you remember a few years ago when singer Jose Chameleone had given wife Daniella Atim a birthday present of some Apartments in Namboole? Then a few months later, reports emerged that the apartments belonged to some tycoon who thought by fronting Chameleone as the owner of the apartments would make it a big deal.
Well, the same thing seems to have happened to the Salvador Pizza. To educate those not in the know, this pizza is made at Laftaz Lounge. And all along when we thought that Salvador Pizza was an initiative of celebrated comedian Patrick Salvado Idringi, turns out all this was a lie.
“Salvado is not the owner of Salvado’s Pizza, it is Jonathan Kyeyo, the proprietor of Laftaz Comedy Lounge,” our source said. Apparently Kyeyo and Salvado are good friends and the fact that the former helped him as a comedian from way back at Theatre Labonita, he thought his brand would return the favour and market his pizza business.
During the comedy shows at Laftaz, Salvado is always seen promoting the pizza on stage as he gives samples to revellers. Well, now that the cat’s out of the bag, we hope the pizza speaks for itself.

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