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Bad Black builds church in Bugolobi


Looks like the born-again talk was not just talk from Shanita Namuyimba aka Bad Black.

News reaching us is that after accomplishing her first promise – doing music, Bad Black is now acting on her second promise, which is preaching the gospel. And no, it is not just about meeting Pastor Kayanja’s wife, Jessica, and fasting for days. The former socialite has started constructing a church and by the look of things it is near completion.

“Good morning friends, if da Lord God has annointed me, blessed me to build him a holy temple will you come and we serve da Lord our God or will you judge me? I am building World Healing International Church for da lord,” read a post on Bad Black’s timeline.


The news being too good to be true, we called Bad Black and she confirmed that the church which she started constructing three days after her release from Luzira prison, is situated in Bugolobi and that it has so far cost her Shs180m.

She added that by March next year, the church will be complete but what surprised us was that she will be the preacher.

“I am anointed and this means I have all that it takes to preach the word of God. After my church is complete, I will be leading all prayers and preaching to the people the word of God,” she said. What can we say? Hallelujah, bless you sister!

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