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Aamito stumbles on the runway, but smiles on


The third edition of Kampala Fashion Week (KFW) started on Thursday and closes today (Saturday). On Friday, the second day of the show, different designers including Kkoolo, Turah, Isabella lsabeau, Morine designers, Lukwanzi and Olivia Nanfuka of NFKA got to show case their different collections. Stacie Aamito, the winner of the first edition of Africa’s Next Top Model opened and closed the show.


During one particular showcase where Aamito walked in a gown, she stumbled alittle bit, an incident that left some members of the audience surprised and worried for the model. One of the audience members was heard murmuring, “l hope she is okay!” Aamito managed to compose herself quickly as she slightly pulled up the gown, smiled and walked upto the end of the runway where she posed for pictures before turning round to walk off the stage amidst clapping from the audience.

Aamito is the face of KFW for the second time after headlining in 2014. The last day of the fashion show is today at the square located on third Street industrial area.

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