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Kenzo and I never fought – Big Eye


MEETING FANS: He was born Ibrahim Mayanja and he is the CEO of Big Music group. He formed the group after parting ways with his long time partner Eddy Kenzo. Big Eye shared this and more with his fans.

How best can you describe Big Eye?
Big Eye is a Ugandan versatile artiste, a multi-award winner, who has been consistent. He is also the CEO of Big Music entertainment.

Where did the name Big Eye come from and what is your real name?
It came from my ability to see things from afar. And here I don’t mean the distance, but rather making the right decisions. My real name is Ibrahim Mayanja.

Why did you decide to join music?
I joined music because I was talented and had love for it. I come from a musical family. I sang in school choirs.

If it wasn’t music, what would you be doing?
I would likely be a lawyer, judge or somewhere in court because I was very good at solving conflicts, which I still do so well. I am very argumentative.

What are some of your songs?
I have so many; Agalina, Nkomawo, Tusasanya, Mango Juice, Indicator, Going Higher, Guwedeko, Already Booked, Phone Busy and others. But this year, I have about 15 songs and some of these include Until You Love Me, Footwork and my latest video Nkuziniremu.

What inspires you to do these songs?
Everyday life. I do not sing about things out of this world. When you look at my song Ekikumi, it is about hustle. When you look at Already Booked, it talks about lovers who want partners who are already in other relationships.


What really happened between you and Kenzo?
Nothing really happened. We only executed our original plan which was, If we all made it, one of us would leave and form their own crew, which I did. We do not have any bad blood between us.

How about you and Sheila Patience, your baby mama?
We broke up.

We also heard that she was the one financing your music career.
My music was financing my career. I sing for money. My music can sustain my career and it is doing that even now.

How do you define your music style?
My music style is basically Afro pop and I am the reigning Afro pop artiste of the 2015 HiPipo awards. But I am also versatile. I can do hip hop, a genre that brought me to the scene in 2008 with Indicator.

Your first concert in 2014 was a success. When is the next one?
My next concert is only a month away. I am holding my concert on December 3 at Hotel La Grand in Bwaise and just like the previous one, I expect a sell out because I now have more music and the fan base has since grown.

Why should anyone do music?

First and foremost it should be for the talent. Without talent it is a waste of time. Secondly, music should be done for passion. Other reasons should be to change lives positively, influence community and just like any other business, to make money.

The making of Big Eye and then some…

Big Eye was born in Kawempe, a Kampala Suburb to Mr and Ms Sulaiman Sempala and he has six siblings. He attended Kazo Junior School for his primary education and St. Mary’s New Hope in Nabweru for his secondary education. He then joined Makerere University but dropped out after his second year due to fees constraints.
Big Eye started his music career as a member of Leone Island and he featured on the remix of Chameleone’s Nkwangala Nyo Munange. He then moved on to Big Talent, which he says he formed together with singer Eddy Kenzo but after a year, he moved on and started his own group, Big Music Entertainment.
Some of the members of the group include, Big Chief, his brother. Before their break up, his girlfriend, socialite Sheila Patience, was reported as the chief financier of his music career.
In 2014, Big Eye was involved in a physical battle with DJs Isaac and Tony at Busabala Beach during Bobi Wine’s Size Yo concert. After his performance was cut short. When matters were sorted, the three reconciled and the show went on.
The following morning though, Big Eye found his Toyota Noah car up in flames after unidentified people torched it. He alleged that it was Eddy Kenzo behind the plan but he later apologised for his statements.
When his relationship with Sheila ended last year, she took with her the Hummer she had bought for him. She has also since joined music and goes by the name Sheila Don Zella.

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