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Bambi Mr Katamba, spare us your cry baby episodes


First we heard that he had been beaten by his fiancé. Then he came out and said she can never beat him. Shortly, pictures of his swollen face sufficed, followed by lovey dovey pictures of the couple and their daughter. Soon a statement from his fiancé was released cancelling her upcoming concert, re-structuring her management and distancing herself from social media pages with her name.
Such is the drama surrounding re-known MC Edward Katamba a.k.a MC Kats and his fiancé musician, Fille Mutoni. Nobody seems to have a clear picture of what exactly happened between these two at the weekend but why waste our time? A quick question comes to mind; What is wrong with Mc Kats? Doesn’t he have parents to run to in time of frustration?
I mean, this is not the first time he has rushed to throw a pity party on social media. Remember his badly written rant about the sangomas? His on and off fights in his current relationship have become a series on social media. Now this… Jeez!
Anyway, we have said this before and we shall maintain our stand that some of these local celebrities ought to learn how to keep their private life, private. Commanding a following does not necessarily mean that you suddenly have a new family such that you have to run for solace to them like a three-year-old that has just lost her doll to another person.
I mean, if I am to ask, what has this couple gained from running to social media? If cry baby Kats had not fed many with the updates of their fight complete with images to prove his case, would the two be caught up in this “damage control” mix that they are in right now?
At the end of the day, nobody cares! No one asked Fille to end up with MC Kats and vice versa. No body pushed the two together. So we all hope this will be the last time we have to deal with their allegations under the “infidelity umbrella” each time the tale re-opens.
I just hope that these two and all the other local celebrities that lie in this category can realise the role of social media and exploit it in the right way possible. That is, use it to build lasting brands as opposed to destroying even the little reputation gained by informing us about irrelevant phases in their lives. We have really had enough of it all!

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