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The dvd :The Brave One

I do not like movies like this one. Movies that justify the end when the means is absolutely wrong. The opening scenes of this movie are quite terrifying that they could turn off a faint-hearted person. Erica Bain (Jodie Foster) endures a brutal attack that leaves her badly injured physically and psychologically and her beloved fiance dead. It was a horrible attack. For days after her recovery, Erica could not get herself to open the door and go out to the world. When she eventually manages to, she is so tensed up that she thinks everyone walking behind her for too long wants to attack her. Eventually, she decides to buy a gun as that seems to be the only way she will feel safe.

When she does, she decided to turn into some kind of god, killing everyone that does wrong since she believe that handing them over to the police will not get the victims justice. Some people even support what she is doing when it becomes a matter of national discussion. Each time, she manages to leave the scenes without leaving any evidence that would be tracked to her. But then she befriends a determined detective (Terrence Howard) who closes in on her and it looks like she might not be able to do her ultimate revenge, which is to find and kill the men who attacked her, killed her fiance and turned her into someone that even she cannot recognise. This is an intriguing watch!

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