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Mc Kats embarrassed by reveller at Mixtape party


People have died in movies, and last Saturday happened to be Mc Kats’ day. While hosting the Mixtape party last Saturday, Kats asked the audience to buy CD at a minimum 50k.

As if for her money not to go without a fight, one lady challenged Kats that she would double the price if he showed her 100k. Kats, caught offguard, defended himself, saying he does not move with hard cash and asked for a mobile money transaction.

“Who moves with hard cash these days? Can someone at Laftaz help me make a transaction so that I make this lady regret her words. Ask Laftaz management, I pay for my beer on mobile money,” Kats said, before giving up in embarrassment as the crowd cheered the mysterious lady on.

Meanwhile at the same event, Kats repeatedly begged Silk Events’ Elvis Ssekyanzi to offer him free sound and lighting for Fille’s upcoming concert.

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