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Hubby throws Ruth Kalibbala a surprise birthday treat



For a moment, she almost froze, her hands wrapped around her mouth with an expression of awe. Today was Ruth Kalibbala’s birthday and her husband, Charles Bwanika Ssensuwa, who, by the way works at radio station too, surprised her by turning up at the Dembe FM studios with a bouquet of flowers, a bottle of champagne and a cake.


Kalibbala was lost for words. She held the flowers in her hands, stared in Bwanika’s eyes for a minute then rested her head on his shoulder as she softly thanked him for being a loving husband.


The studio was full as co-hosts for the Twezimbe show, Shafiq and Mzei Muteweta ushered in Bwanika and other fellow presenters from Dembe FM and KFM who later chorused the ‘happy birthday’ chant for their colleague and friend.


“Thank you guys,” Kalibbala repeatedly thanked his hubby and colleagues. The surprise was planned for the tail end of the show. From the studios, everyone proceeded to the common room where champagne was popped and the cake cut, and shared.


The presenter is also a seasoned actress with Afri-talent and Beyond Borders theatre and film outfits. After serving cake, she held her husband’s hand and escorted him away, and down the stairs and they whispered into each other’s ears.

“Being loved is everyone’s wish. I feel loved and cherished. Charles is unpredictable. I thought he had run out of ideas and I had joked to him that this year he wouldn’t surprise me but I was wrong. He remains unpredictable,” Kalibbala told this reporter when all was said and done. I didn’t ask her age, and you shouldn’t either. Ladies and age simply don’t rhyme.

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