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Alvin Kasule is Boston’s party king


Alvin Kasule has hosted some international musicians such as Nigeria’s Timaya. COURTESY PHOTO

Party animal: Hundreds of Ugandans have over the past week headed to Boston city in the US for the UNAA convention. However, if nightlife adds to the fun you have in a given place, there is one person who can give you the true experience of downtown Boston. He is Ugandan Alvin Kasule, the king of Afro-Caribbean events, writes ISAAC SSEJJOMBWE.

Tell us more about yourself.
I am a very simple down-to-earth guy, an old student of Bat Valley Primary School, Buganda Road Primary school, Namilyango College and St Lawrence Schools and Colleges. I am the producer of Ugandan movies such as The Book of life, Origin of Sin, Nafulu and The Ugandan.
I’m also the president and founder of AK Foundation inc, an international nonprofit organisation that works to empower vulnerable children in Africa to thrive through all stages of life and become leaders of enduring change.
I’m also the founder and president of Drip Events, an international entertainment company that specialises in planning and hosting a wide variety of electrifying events.
You wear so many hats. Now Ugandans are in Boston preparing themselves for the UNAA conference, what does the convention mean for you?
When it comes to the UNAA conference, I always watch from the outside because I believe it lost the initial goal of its original founders which was to unite Ugandans living in the Diaspora. However, everyone seems to be in a UNAA spirit whether for the Convention in Boston or Los Angeles.

You spoke of founding Drip Events, and you are touted as the go-to events’ guru in Down Town Boston, what makes you the top man?
Lol … I don’t consider myself as the top man, thanks for the complement though. I consider myself as an event planner or promoter that is passionate and good at what I do with a diversity of clientele and a well-organised disciplined team of about 20 staff members and one that always aims at making a lasting impression on both clients and business partners.

What should Ugandans expect in during the convention?
For the past five years, I have held my official birthday celebration on September 2 aboard the exclusive, luxurious cruise called The Spirit of Boston. And now that we will be having a UNAA convention in Boston, it will be awesome having everyone experience the cruise party life with four floors of entertainment, diversity crowd till 3:30am. Most people have been confusing The Spirit of Boston cruise with the UNAA Dinner cruise. The UNAA cruise starts at 5pm till 10pm, if I’m not mistaken and my birthday celebration cruise starts from 11pm -3:30pm.

Who is invited and is there a cost attached to being at the party?
Everyone is invited, friends, family and friends of friends. The boat has enough capacity to accommodate at least 700 people for we are almost sold out.

Give us an idea of how this party will be like?
This party will be electrifying, fun, sexy and very upscale. It’s more of a suit and tie type of event.

For the first-timer in Boston, what is the nightlife like?
A Thursday night at Cure (nightclub) is an exclusive international night featuring HipHop, Afrobeat, Soca, Reggae, DanceHall where you expect to party like it’s a weekend. Friday night at Guilt is not a night for everyone and that’s why we call it Fancy Fridays. The dress code is extremely upscale. I can only describe it in the words. Sexy. Chic. Upscale while Venu is Boston’s leading night club destination, it’s the most beautiful club in downtown that serves a wide clientele, it’s a club you walk into and expect to collide into a celebrity or two.


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