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We can still celebrate without losing lives

Uganda Cranes supporters ready to watch a match at Namboole. PHOTO BY EDDIE CHICCO

Uganda Cranes supporters ready to watch a match at Namboole. PHOTO BY EDDIE CHICCO

September 4, 2016 will remain a remarkable day in Uganda. Now don’t think I have to spell out why, given that by now, most of us know that it is the day the Uganda Cranes did us all proud by ending the 38-year-long wait to finally qualify for the Africa Cup Of Nations which will take place in Gabon come 2017.
The support from home was massive, which is a good thing. It goes to show how much we love our country and can go against all odds to stand by it at all times.
But then again, what is it with Ugandans and ensuring that such joyful days end on a sad note?
I mean, we all heard of the chaos that transpired at the entrances plus the accidents that happened after the match claiming some lives. Why can’t we just celebrate and remain in that zone of excitement without costing ourselves such deadly losses?
I mean, we have previously heard of the many deaths that occurred at the shores of Lake Victoria in Entebbe last year.
So since when has death become the epitome of a good celebration? We surely can do better. We still can keep safe even when in that thrilling moment. We do not have to get rowdy and careless to prove that we are happy, overjoyed but instead guard our lives jealously even in the heat of a good moment.
Meanwhile, I was humbled by the Rwandan fraternity which showed us some love by flashing the Ugandan flag colours at their Kigali Convention Centre. Wow! Now this had me thinking, if shoes were to switch and we had to show some love to Rwanda or any other country at such a successful moment, oba what innovative ways would we employ to send the message home?
Think about it! But well, that is a story for another day.

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