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Connie Tiffs

Have the decency to look at least okay-ish

The loud cry was a clear sign that something was not right. Her plea for help made it clear that my very good friend needed to be rushed to the nearest hospital. At the hospital, we went through the required routine and finally sat calmly as we waited for the doctor.
In that mix, dude donning just boxers, a shirt and sandals confidently walked by. As I was still letting this bizarre sight sink in, a couple strolled through with the children all clad in their pyjamas.
So I thought to myself, aren’t people taking this “hospital leissez faire thing” for granted? I know that sometimes things can get really tight but how tight would the situation be for one to leave the house in their under garments like they are going to a private place together?
See, my ailing friend, the one we hurriedly rushed to hospital in pain took some time to brush her hair and not look a mess! Now imagine the shock on my face as I stared at this dude in his boxers and a shirt strolling around like he was in the comfort of his bedroom, jeez!
I know that on more than one occasion, we are faced with emergencies but please, whatever the case, have the conscience to look appropriate especially if it involves going to a public place. fashhh
This business of looking all scattered as if calling for the world to be all up in your grill is oba so last century?
I mean of late even honouring the dead is done in a neat manner. Most mourners today dress to kill as opposed to those days when mourning meant wearing old clothes, pale faces, moving bare footed and wailing like the world is coming to an end. Let us learn to get our act together. It is that simple.
No matter the circumstance, do not go wearing all your zibs at the forehead. Have the decency to look at least “okay-ish” while in public because the fact remains that no one cares that much.
So whether the entire household is dressed in their pajamas and the head of the house is moving around in underwear or makes the point to dress appropriately, it makes not much of a difference. Now just do the needful as opposed to making oneself the laughing stock of everyone at the slightest opportunity. Right?


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