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Connie Tiffs

Connie’s Tiffs :So Dr Bbosa released a song… say what?

So I hear Sam Bagenda aka Dr. Bbosa, a prominent personality in the entertainment industry has released a song called “Peri Peri Dance”.
The song is not a bad idea, but banaye when will people like him retire to enjoy the fruits of their sweat and let the young generation take over?
I mean, I have been seeing this guy on screen since my teeth started growing but the dude is still going on steadily. Which is good, but is he trying to tell us that no one in the whole “Ebonies group” has exuded enough potential to take up some of his roles? When will such people move away from the era of having one person dominating the sector yet there are millions in the same group who can be given the opportunity to shine?
Like seriously, sometimes I watch him performing certain roles and I am thinking; “Won’t this dude just collapse?”
Now please don’t get me wrong. I love how good he is at every role he plays, but my issue is that he has fully exhausted his talent. Maybe it is time for him to take ko a break and stop this whole zeal of trying so hard to re-invent himself. It is a clever approach and we commend him for it but having to deal with the ordeal of watching the same face, we cannot help but worry that this whole thing of sticking to power not only exists in the political world.
People need to get out and play supportive roles, groom and let young blood blossom.
Dear “Dr Bbosa”, we enjoy what you do, but at this rate, think about how best this legacy can be left. Yes, when we hear “Ebonies” we attach your face, which is a good feeling. All The Ebonies crew always sings your praises, so it is clearly obvious that what you have done and are still doing is tremendous. But now, would it be too much to ask that you join the other veterans and do things rather than jumping around in Peri Peri dances like there is no younger person to do it in the entire “Ebonies” group.
Banaye we should learn to live and let go as and when deemed necessary, eeish!

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