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The acute angle : Of earthquakes and cowards


Eh that Saturday earthquake shook me! It shook literally everything inside me. I could hear the cheap lunch do rounds in my stomach. I could see my life fading before me in a flash. But worst of all, it shook the boda boda I was seated on. Trust me, you do not want to experience an earth tremor while seated on a boda boda. It gets worse when your lips accidentally land on the boda guy’s head. Well, it happened. My lips were emphatically planted on a sweat-filled head. Right there, I wanted the Lord to take me. I had seen it all. I wanted to die there and then.

Accidentally kissing a boda guy’s head is subscribing to eternity of curses. You do not come back from that. These curses could follow you to your grave and come back to haunt your entire lineage. I screamed in shee, “Yesu tontwara shi?” literally meaning, “God why don’t you come and take me?”

Truth is, I was lying. When the boda boda stabilised and pulled over, I wanted to live more than ever. I was panting, my heart probably in my rear and staring at an equally startled boda man. The earthquake was another way to remind us how fragile this life of ours is. That thing was severe. Guys ran out of buildings like mad people. Yeah, some out of kiosks.

As if the kiosk will collapse on you. Others ran away from restaurant bills. Talk about hitting two birds with one stone. That is some smart way of saving your life and your money too. Chaps at La Patisserie restaurant on Acacia Mall faded into the startled crowds and left without paying their bills. We are all a bunch of cowards. I am a coward, a big one for that matter.

I do not have time to study a situation. I wiIl run to the hills to save my life. I am sure that I am not alone because I saw many scared faces that day. Sometimes I hate my life but if something does not look right, I will be out of there in no time.

So these earthquakes, what causes them? Is God pissed off? He should be. If I were Him, I would have already dismantled it by now. Watch the news and you will notice how pathetic this world has become. Some of us do not deserve to live but yet we still beg God for another day. I am one of them. I have sometimes abused this gift of life doing not so saintly things but I want to live on. This life can be unfair, dealing you blows every day but somehow you would be glad to see just one more day. Life is forever confusing but funny how we still want to be around to figure it out.

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