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The track : He go down – Irene Ntale

After her debut concert, Irene Ntale must have been re-energised to do better. Under the same label, Swangz Avenue, which she was rumoured to have left, Ntale gave the party animals a dose of her other side, with her latest track, He Go Down. The masterpiece is directed toward ladies asking the guys to show what they got on the dance floor. With catchy articulations, she starts the song, singing “da da da down down…” just before the chorus where she praises her man for not being shy at least when she gets closer.

On the first verse, she surrenders to his turn assuring him of the throbs she feels on her body. Irene calls him a murder in the art of loving. Next she confesses to be addicted to his body and demands for more action, singing to her lover to explain how he weakens her. She is amused by the way others envy their relationship and how he responds to her.

The last verse is very descriptive, Irene tells listeners of how he danced with her, raising her hands up as he reaches for her waist. This is just a dance instruction for listeners. When you think of the beats they are not too pacy and give one on the dance floor the perfect vibe to dance and sing to. The lyrics are not complex and once one listens to this song they cannot wait to watch the video.

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