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Sqoop – Get Uganda entertainment news, celebrity gossip, videos and photosSqoop – Get Uganda entertainment news, celebrity gossip, videos and photos

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The music video : Mpola Mpola – Fille


The video is shot somewhere in Industrial Area, where Fille is approached by a dude rolling on a hover board. With all her car windows raised, Fille is oblivious to the guy’s calls. However, they say, mother luck strikes best; her car fails to start. She comes out frustrated to open the bonnet. You can predict the next scenes. Right?

Yes, you guessed right, the guy is the one who comes to save her from this fix. And from there, the romance kicks off. Now, that is all that I hate about this video. I hate the storyline with a passion. And you will definitely hate it. There is nothing as annoying as being able to predict the plot of a video scene per scene. It is what happens in this video. Perhaps Fille has decided that her videos will never take that dreaded extra mile of scripting something that gets the viewers talking or something that is so relatable yet so unique.

Beyond that predictability, the video is crystal clear. Fille, the mother of simplicity, continues to live to her values, right from the dance strokes to the costumes. Even the laziest of dancers will be able to pull off the strokes in the video. It is not the kind of video that will leave you with a headache. Yes, it ‘massages’ your eyes as slowly as possible. Above all, it is crystal clear, the edits are all clean. And on that it scores a high.

The backgrounds are colourful, and it is as though they entice Fille to bring a certain kind of natural attitude to the whole video. It is not the same Fille, she is more relaxed and she owns up to her video. You feel as though she is right there in the room with you, performing just for you and giving it her all.

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