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Irene Ntale surprises Mukula on his 60th birthday


Capt Mike Mukula is one social politician. He will never turn down any invite when it comes to attending an event regardless of the time the event ends. And this was the case last Friday evening during Irene Ntale’s first concert at Kampala Sheraton Hotel where he was the chief guest.

The former Soroti Municipality Member of Parliament was among the first people to attend the event. He was reserved a front seat not to miss any action and a few minutes before the show ended, Irene told his band members to stop playing and then announced that there was a birthday boy in the area and how the audience should help her in wishing him a birthday through a song.

After the song was done by the crowd, the people he was seated with brought out a cake they had kept all along and asked the Captain to cut it afterwards serve it which he did. He served a few people and even took some pieces to Irene on the stage.

mukula 2

Captain Mike Mukula was born in 1956 and Friday evening marked his 60th birthday. He was born in Soroti, Teso sub-region in the Eastern region and attended local schools before he was admitted to the Kenya School of Flying at Wilson airport in Nairobi, completing his pilot’s training in the United States.


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