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Chameleon admits to Tubonga nawe pressure


Photo by Michael Kakumirizi

Jose Chameleon claims that he’s responsible for reviving Uganda’s music industry from Lingala. He also says that he paved way for a number of artistes such as Goodlyf, Papa Cidy, Chagga and others. Because of this and more, he thought Ugandan’s will always love him. Not until this year when he participated in ‘Tubonga nawe’, a project that had 12 artistes composing a song that praised President Yoweri Museveni as well as performing at his different rallies.

All along, Chameleon hadn’t come out to give his side of the story but when hosted on Dembe Fm’s ‘Talk and talk’ show at batvalley on Saturday, he explained about the pressure he got after being part of the project when asked why he didn’t have a concert this year.

“The truth is I was under pressure after seeing the reaction from the public. We are in an industry where we can’t take risks. But besides that, I’ve been busy with performances. After the elections, I had a US tour for two months. I’m heading to South Africa soon and a concert needs serious preparation.” Chameleon said.

However, he promised to have a mega concert next year but didn’t give the details of where it will be, when and at how much.


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