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Kiiza was inspired by the sister who owns another restaurant. PHOTO by Isaac Ssejjombwe

FEEDING THE HUNGRY: Kiiza Francis owns a restaurant business, which has been in operation for a year now. He was inspired by her sister who runs the same kind of business.

Did you study home economics to be involved in a restaurant business?
Well. No! I am a graphic designer and studied art. I have a Bachelor’s degree in Industrial and Fine Art (BIFA), so I am an artist.

What is the name of your restaurant and what is behind that name?
The name of the restaurant is KEMTAZO Restaurant. This name sounds strange and different but it’s actually my mum’s name. She is called Agnes Kemitazo. So because of the respect and pride I have for her, I decided to name my business after her.

For how long has this business been in operation?
It’s been open since May 2015 so it’s now a year and two months old.

How much did you invest in this business?
My investment initially was between Shs5 million – Shs6 million.

How much do you know about food to start up a business like this?
To be honest, I don’t have a wide knowledge about food but I have a good chef. A qualified chef who has passion for food and cooking. He is good. He advises me on how and what to do.

What type of food do you sell?
We sell a wide range of fast foods. Chicken, chaps, kebabs, samosas, cakes, chapati, white rice, pillau, spaghetti, egg rolls, sausages, fresh juice, coffee and tea, liver, Gonja, Fish, and most of the items that follow under this category. We don’t have local food at the moment though.

Where is this business located?
The business is located in Mbuya 2. Slightly after Zone 7 bar. Mbuya 2 complex room B11.

How much do you sell the food?
We have very friendly food prices that match with our immediate customers and they are happy with them if you compare the quality of food we provide. Will attach a picture of our menu as well.

Running a restaurant is tricky. Sometimes the food rots other times people don’t eat. How do you maintain that?
We have carefully studied our audience so we produce food within certain limits and the fact that it’s a fast food business we receive and order and then prepare. Most of our food is in freezers and we can only prepare if the customer orders. That’s how we manage number and storage

What inspired you to start it up?
I was inspired by my big sister. She owns one and she has run it since I was in school and it has helped her develop herself so much. She helped me a lot when I was at school and I liked the business and the fact that I had a good friend who worked with a top restaurant in town helped me in decision making.

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