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Hustler : Farouk Ssentongo


Ssentongo sells about 20 pairs of shoes every week. Photo by Isaac Ssejjombwe

SHOE business: Sentongo always had a passion for good shoes. In fact, he started selling shoes while a student at Kibuli SS and later opened a shop after secondary school.

What is the name of your business?
Farouk Shoe Boutique. It’s a unisex, all-ages shoe business.

Why did you pick an interest in selling shoes?
I always had a passion for good shoes. I started selling shoes while a student at Kibuli SS. Besides shoes, I also sold clothes but later specialised in shoes because they are more profitable.

For how long have you been doing this business?
I started in 2011 after high school.

So instead of continuing with school, you just decided to start up a business?
I dropped out because I had no university tuition.

How did you start off this business?
I started in a shade, then upgraded to a kiosk after which I built a lock up on family land.

Where is the kiosk situated?
Kisugu, Muwayile Road Makindye Division

Where do you get the shoes that you sell?
I get them from Owino (St. Balikudembe) Container Village and second hand sandals supplied from Nairobi.

How much do you sell the shoes?
Prices vary according to style, make and size most especially. Cost price determines selling price but the most expensive shoe is 60k and it’s for men while the cheapest is 15k for females.

How much did you invest in this business?
I invested Shs700,000.

Where did you get the money you invested?
After high school, I started doing odd jobs around town but the capital was gotten from loading and offloading goods in industrial area, shifting people’s goods and property.

Why shoes of all business?
My passion for shoes and the fact that I required little capital. This plus the experience of having sold shoes during school made me destined for this job.

How many shoes do you sell and how much do you make in a week?
On a good day, I can make a profit of 100k, on a bad day, I can make 50k, averaging to Shs300,000 savings per week. I sell around 20 pairs a week on average.

Owino (St. Balikudembe) is a known destination to get shoes from. Why didn’t you find a place there?
In Owino, there is lack of space, uncertainties like fire, congestion and tight competition and besides that; I don’t pay rent because I constructed my shop on family land.

In case someone wants to buy shoes but doesn’t know your location, what can they do?
They can call me on 0703856867 or reach me on my Facebook page.

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