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Of gloomy, disrespectful brides

I have always thought that a wedding is the epitome of joy, laughter and excitement. One expects smiles as the couple signs the marriage certificate or do deadly dance moves at the reception.
Well, this was not the case at a wedding I attended recently.
The bride was undoubtedly stunning and so was her entourage. The groom was good looking too and together they were such a cute sight.
Unfortunately, their gloomy faces left so many worried. It’s like the bride had been forced to the event. Her eyes kept rolling from left to right in anger, oba why? Any attempts from the guy to chit chat her into a slight fake smile seemed futile. The winner was when the groom’s parents attempted to hug her after giving their speech and the babe refusedto stand up for their hug but disrespectfully remained seated!

So one wonders, why do such people waste their guests’ time by inviting them to a function that they are not happy about themselves? Who raised such a breed of brides that cannot even pretend to be happy while at a platform where everyone expects them to be jolly? I mean, the bride was evidently unhappy, but atleast she should have tried to exude patience and pretend to be happy instead of killing everyone’s mood. And then why the disrespectful show in refusing to hug the groom’s parents?
Everything was just disappointing. The next time one chooses to walk down the aisle, they should do so willingly and happily. Its like these days most people rush to the altar to just fulfil a phase in their life as opposed to the core reasons of getting married. Then in the mix we end up having quick divorces, gloomy couples, disrespectful spouses blah, blah, blah! For example, in the case above, do we expect to see a happy marriage that will blossom through the years or can we foretell disaster before the first anniversary even?
I will let you be the judge in this case.


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